Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Cousins and Friends Trip, Wolf Creek and Crested Butte Spring 2008

The Cousins, Friends, and Dane Trip February 15-18th 2008

My cousins Ben, Adam, and Jake rolled in town with their friends Donny and Matt Cheesy. Once they arrived, we picked up the rental car, packed, and picked up Dangerous Dane and we were off. We drove from Denver to Del Norte Colorado (a five hour drive) the first night. Wolf Creek had received 22 inches in the previous 48 hours, POWDER. We ended up skiing two killer days at the creek and then drove to Crested Butte on the last day. Everyone had a great time, skied deep powder, and had a blast at the Butte on their snowboard/skier cross course. I have to admit, that course was a blast. ENJOY, I will add more pictures of Ben, Donny, and Matt when I get them!

From left to right: Jake, Ben, Adam, Matt, and Donny at Crested Butte.

Adam, Jake, and Dane before the first run at Wolf Creek.

Dane dropping in on the first run.

Jake on his first powder run of the weekend.

Adam carving a powder turn.

And another, I thought this was a cool shot.

From left to right: Dane, Jake, Me, and Adam at the base of what Adam and Jake called a small Mt. Everest hike.

Dane with Adam behind him and Jake in the background almost to the summit.

Adam and Jake taking a rest on the summit.

All of us on the summit.

Me, actually appearing on my own blog skiing the bowl.

Me again.

Adam with a nice spray.

Jake in the white room!

Dane getting ready to launch.

Dane hucking the cornice on the Knife ridge.

Dane getting down.

Jake, Adam, and Dane traversing on the top of Crested Butte.

More pictures coming soon

Steamboat Feburary the 8-10th 2008, the theme was DEEP!

Steamboat in mid February equates to DEEP SNOW!

My sister Amy flew in to the west for the first time and brought luck and lots of snow. We tried to leave on Thursday night to drive to Steamboat but were stopped by tons of snow, a closed interstate, and two mountain passes. On Friday they opened Interstate 70 around noon and we were off. After about 5 hours of driving we had made it to Steamboat and were ready for the next day, and it was deep. Jeremy and I found a traverse and the rest is history, the pictures tell it all.

This picture sums up the deep snow experience!

My beautiful wife and my sister.

Another deep picture

This succession of pictures is pretty cool (1).



Jeremy in recovery mode