Sunday, December 2, 2007

Butler Gultch 12-2-07

Today turned out to be great. We had quite a bit of snow from the last storm this weekend which made for some great turns. The scenery was beautiful but it was cold most of the day. Once the sun came out around 10 o'clock it warmed up. This was a great fourth day of the season!

A short video of the day.

Skinning in is flat for a while then we headed up.

Jeremy with a peak in the background.

Oliver on the way up, somewhat close to the top.

Me cheesing out for the camera, it was pretty cold at this point.

Oliver going across for the first run.

Jeremy coming down on the first run of the day, early and cold.

A small slab release above one a skin track. The skier set it off after coming out of the trees.

Jeremy finding out how deep it really is.

Oliver finding some nice turns.

Skinning back to the top for run # 2. This was a great run.

Hanging out at the saddle.

Dane ended up coming late and he actually saw us from below on the skin track. We skied the rest of the day together.

Jeremy on run # 3.

Dane on the last run still finding the goods.

Me with some spray.

Oliver taking in the views, a tribute to the Swiss guy.